Ensure peace of mind for you and your family, with our efficient security monitoring systems. Easy to secure your home entrance security system with Gate Automation & Door lock in one system. Put simply, Home Automation describes a system of networked, controllable devices that work together to make your home more comfortable, customized, efficient, and secure. The range of controls that you have over your automated devices range depending on the purpose of the device.

Our Main Services

Visitor Management
Lighting Automation
Intruder/Safety system
Smart Home
Multi Room Audio
Blinds And Curtains
Security Solutions


Features of smart home
  •  Security – With home automation, the lights of the car are turned on in order to help you to walk in the dark. In case the alarm goes off, the authorities can be alerted and a message can be sent to your cell phone by the system.
  • Drapes – With the help of the home automation system, the drapes of the room can be opened and closed during the night time.
  •  Lighting – This can be set as per our own required settings for dim and bright light.
  • Audio/Video – The home automation system can turn on the stereo and play music or can also turn on the television to any channel.
  • Thermostat – This is programmed to run the central heating and cooling system as per our own required settings. For example, air conditioner is set to an energy saving setting when the house is vacant and sets back to the normal setting when the resident is about to return home.

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